Once upon a cold, cloudy day the temperature slowly creeped down to freezing. Charlie did not like freezing weather. He always wore gloves, hat, thermal insulated coat, heavy boots and wool socks whenever he had to go out into the frigid elements. This day, Charlie needed to walk down to the corner market and get milk.

Reginald was a cold mass forming in the clouds high above ready to turn into a droplet, but it always dreamed of becoming an icicle. That was the equivalent of a legend, a “made man,” a god. As the air got colder and the moisture picked up, Reginald started to fall from the sky.

“Okay, this is my big chance. I can feel it. Today I can become an icicle,” said Reginald as it continued it’s journey towards the ground.

Meanwhile, Charlie hurried into the market and grabbed his carton of milk. The cashier wanted to make small talk. “Looks like it’s going to be a cold one, huh?”

Charlie was having none of it. As soon as his credit card was approved and the transaction completed he quickly took the milk and dashed out the store.

“You don’t want a bag just in case?” shouted the cashier.

“I don’t need it,” hollered back Charlie.

Charlie felt a droplet as soon as he exited the store and became worried. He picked up speed as more and more droplets fell all around him.

Reginald was fast approaching the ground still as a droplet. “Come on, freeze. Damn it! Freeze!” Then it happened. Reginald could feel it’s shape changing and becoming more crystalized. An icicle was born!

“Yay!” shouted Reginald as it zeroed in on Charlie. “I made it! I’m a somebody who will…”

Reginald’s thought was cutoff as it pierced the milk carton Charlie was carrying. The carton flew out of Charlie’s hand, crashed on the icy ground and exploded. Milk went everywhere. Charlie, shook by the suddenness of it all, lost his footing and slipped. He hit his head on a nearby tree and crumpled on the ground on top of his spilt milk. Dead.

Reginald melted into the milk and icy ground with pure satisfaction.

The market cashier came running out of the market, shocked at the sight. “You should’a taken a bag, buddy.”



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