Bedtime Stories with Cary #12

Once upon a time there was a grumpy, old tree. It was a tall, wide tree with many branches that wanted to be left alone. All of the birds, animals, and insects knew to stay away from the tree. It was so grumpy, that when humans came by and attempted to climb on the tree or play near it, the tree would drop it’s branches on them. Usually knocking down the humans, who would run away, sad and hurt.

One day, a young woodpecker landed on the tree and attempted to make a home. The tree shook itself and bellowed “Get off me, you pipsqueak!” The woodpecker lost it’s balance and fell, injuring itself. The woodpecker’s family came to its rescue and saved it.

As night fell, the grumpy, old tree felt proud of itself, satisfied it had re-established it’s domain. The next morning the tree awoke to the sounds of pecking from hundreds of woodpecker’s, and the gnawing of squirrels.  The tree screamed. The army of animals were attacking it. The tree dropped leaves and branches. In a matter of minutes the animals gouged a hole in the tree’s trunk and it fell with a thunderous crash. The animals danced around the dying tree. “Shut up!” yelled the tree.

Soon, a group of humans came by with axes and chopped up the tree into pieces. They took home the pieces and burned it for firewood. The tree was no more.



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