Bedtime Stories with Cary #13

Once upon a time, there a Daddy Longlegs arachnid named Terrence. His friends called him “Terry” for short. Terry decided to make his home inside a two-bedroom apartment. He loved the bathroom. It was cool, dank, and had plants where gnats, and bugs flew into. Terry loved to feed off of them.

One day, Terry decide to explore the bedroom. He had never been in the bedroom before. His friends warned him, “Don’t go in the bedroom.” But Terry was adventurous and said to his fellow spider friends, “I’m a nimble Daddy Longlegs. I’ll be fine.” And off he went.

Terry was amazed at how large the bedroom was. There were many hiding places there, from the curtains to the closet, to under the bed. While Terry was exploring the room, the owners arrived home. He froze, right above the bed, hoping they wouldn’t notice.

One of the owners lied down in the bed and looked up, right at Terry. “Ahh! A big spider!” shouted the owner. The other owner leapt into action and stood up on the bed to get a closer look at Terry. This was not good, so Terry decided to high-tail it out of there. Alas, Terry was not as fast as he thought, and the owner squashed him with a tissue. Terry was dead.



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