Bedtime Stories with Cary # 19

Clown_werewolfOnce upon a time there was a clown. He was happy. He got to entertain kids at parties and brought joy to all. Every night he loved going home to his family. They, too, were clowns. His wife and daughter always smiled with their bright red noses and rainbow colored frizzy hair.

One day a new family moved in next door to the clowns. It was a family of werewolves. The clown dad went over and made the werewolves laugh, and they all became friends. The clown daughter and werewolf daughter would play on the swing set, while the parents had BBQ’s. Everyone was happy.

Until the full moon arrived. Then the werewolves tore the clown family to pieces. They died.

The moral of the story– Never live next to werewolves. Oh, and don’t be a clown.




  1. Daniel · March 26, 2017

    haha. Good one 🙂


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