Bedtime Stories with Cary # 18

Dragon cropOnce upon a time there was a Dragon Trainer who found an orphaned dragon in the woods.

“Hey, little buddy. What’s your name?” asked the Dragon Trainer.

The little dragon squeaked out, “Rawgh.”

“Hmm, I’ll call you Ron,” said the Dragon Trainer.

He decided to take care of the dragon; feed it, groom it (dragons need constant teeth brushing and nose cleaning), make sure it got plenty of exercise.

The Dragon Trainer showed the little dragon all kinds of tricks to perform, such as roasting marshmallows with it’s breath, flying in loops, and crying in front of an audience to gain sympathy and more donations.

As Ron got bigger and bigger, and older and older, it started to get bored of the Dragon Trainer. It wouldn’t cry as often or would “accidentally” burn the arm of someone in the audience. The Dragon Trainer was losing control of his pet and knew it was time for them to part ways.

Early one morning, the Dragon Trainer invited Ron for a large breakfast on a cliff overlooking a spectacular valley. It was a meal hearty enough for a king. Ron smiled at the spread and licked the Dragon Trainer’s face in glee. As Ron ate the food, the Dragon Trainer spoke.

“I’m afraid our time together is over. It’s been wonderful traveling around with you all these years, but we’ve outgrown each other, Ron. Literally, you are too big and powerful for me.” The Dragon Trainer held out his hand for a goodbye shake.

Ron sensed sadness and hugged the Dragon Trainer. Suddenly, the Dragon Trainer pulled out a poison dagger and plunged the blade deep into Ron’s heart.

Ron died.

The Dragon Trainer rolled Ron’s carcass off the nearby cliff, then got in his wagon and went on his merry way looking for another dragon.



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