Bedtime Stories with Cary #17

tin-man-wpOnce upon a time there was a robot that looked like a futuristic Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, so he was known as The Tin Man.

The Tin Man’s sole purpose was to be a buddy to a family. It would listen, nod, laugh and cry when necessary. Everyone loved it. And it loved them.

One day, the family noticed The Tin Man acting creepy. It started sneaking up on them when they didn’t need its help; in the garage, in the bedroom, out by the pool, and even in the bathroom when they were in the shower.

The family told The Tin Man to stop creeping up on them. It responded, “I don’t understand what creeping up is, but I shall obey.” The family felt relieved.

The next day, when the Dad was hiding in the backyard to smoke a cigarette, The Tin Man crept up behind him and yelled, “Fire. Hazard. Fire. Hazard.” It startled the Dad who yelled, “We told you to stop creeping up on us. I’m going to de-activate you!”

The Tin Man replied, “Please don’t. I just like to watch you and the family.”

“Perv.” The Dad stomped out his cigarette, grabbed the robot and threw it into the pool.

As The Tin Man slowly shorted out, its final words were, “You are mean.”

The Dad thought about saving The Tin Man, until the robot gave the Dad the middle finger. The Dad laughed and said, “Human one, Robot zero.”

The Tin Man died.




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