Bedtime Stories with Cary # 16

golden-pearOnce upon a time there was a Golden Pear. It was a regular looking pear, but wrapped in gold foil. The Golden Pear loved strutting around its shiny gold in front of the other pears who were not wrapped in gold.

“Move over,” shouted the Golden Pear to a regular pear sitting in a box of a dozen pears. “You’re in my seat.”

“But this is the best seat in the box,” said the regular pear.

“Not any more. I’m golden, prized, and perfect, so out you go you misshapen, rotting Pyrus,” said the Golden Pear as it pushed out the regular pear.

The regular pear fell onto the floor. Then, a farmer came by and grabbed the box that the Golden Pear was in, wrapped it up, and mailed it off to the far off land of Hollywood, Florida.

In Hollywood, Florida a family opened the pear box and marveled at all the pears. The Golden Pear beamed with pride. Unfortunately, the family bulldog dog ran up, grabbed the Golden Pear and tore it to pieces. The family quickly pulled the core of the pear from the dog’s jaws, but the Golden Pear was now a mashed up pile of garbage.

All of the regular pears in the box laughed and laughed. The mighty Golden Pear was dead.





  1. Eduardo Suré · January 11, 2017

    I’m sad…for the bulldog. Pears are tasty!Just kidding about being sad. Thanks for the fun.


    • Cary · March 27, 2017

      Yeah, the bulldog got the short end of the stick. Thanks for reading!


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