Bedtime Stories with Cary #14

crawdadOnce upon a time in a crystal clear pond lived a large family of crawdads. The three young kids loved to swim around and explore every inch of the pond.

One day, the youngest of the bunch came upon a tall twig sticking out of the water. His siblings urged him to stay away from the twig. Dangerous predators could lurk above, and no one had ever climbed to the top.

The young crawdad said, “Don’t be such scaredy cats. I’m just going to take a look.”

The young crawdad made his way up the twig. It’s heart beat fast with excitement. Almost there. The sunlight was shining, beckoning him to the surface.

Finally, he made it to the top and stuck his tiny head out. The world above was wonderous. He turned to see the land next to him when… snap! A raccoon reached in and bit the crawdad in half, swallowing him up.

The young crawdad screamed as his lower body sank to the bottom. And that was the end of Irving the crawdad.

The End


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