Bedtime Stories with Cary #10

Once upon a time there was a little kid named Ollie, who was afraid of the crack between the pillows in his bed. Every night  Ollie would avoid the dark space before falling asleep.

One night, Ollie decided to explore what was in the crack and fell inside. He disappeared into another world. Ollie was greeted by sunshine, chocolate trees, and happy people everywhere. He felt like he was in paradise. Eating, playing, laughing.

Ollie happily played on a swing set, a trampoline and then a slide. On the slide, Ollie noticed a chasm at the bottom. He slide right into it and vanished.

Ollie reappeared in his bed, his Mom shaking him awake for school. The crack was gone. He was back in the real world. It sucked.

The End


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