Bedtime Stories with Cary #9

Once upon a time a guy decided to wear his hair in a man-bun. He loved walking around showing off his man-bun. “Hey, man-bun!” friends and strangers would say to him.

After a while, man-bun guy felt like he needed more. He decided to grow a thick beard. Six months later, he had a thick, pointy trimmed beard, and peppered it with green glitter in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Man-bun proudly walked around showing off his glitter beard. His friends and strangers smiled and said “Happy Saint Paddy’s Day, man-bun-glitter-beard guy!” as he passed them by.

Soon, man-bun-glitter-beard guy needed more. He decided to start Vaping. Man-bun-glitter-beard guy walked around Vaping everywhere. His friends and strangers shouted “Nice Vape, man-bun-glitter-beard-Vape guy!”

Finally, he was satisfied. Then one day he blew such a large cloud while Vaping that he didn’t see the open manhole on the street. He fell into the hole and died, along with his man-bun, his glitter, and his Vape.

The End


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