Bedtime Stories with Cary #8

Once upon a time there was a fungus that lived under a big toe. The fungus loved the big toe, as it’s the favorite toe of them all. The massive nail provided the right amount of moisture and cover for the fungus to thrive.

And boy, did that fungus thrive. It grew and grew, proud of how much of the nail and toe it conquered. Soon, the fungus had it’s eyes set on the other toes. The pièce de résistance was the little toe. The baby.

One night, as the fungus was making it’s plan of attack, a huge hand came at it. The hand dabbed a large cotton ball full of tea tree oil. The fungus didn’t like the smell of this. The cotton ball released a waterfall of oil. There was no where for the fungus to hide.

All through the night the fungus fought against the oil, but it was no match. The fungus shrank and shrank. In the morning, the fungus and it’s dreams of conquest were dead.

The End


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