Bedtime Stories with Cary #7

Once upon a time there was a cute, adorable duck. He lived with his friends in a pond. While all of his friends would play, have fun, waddle up to strangers, he would stay off to the side so he could ponder the meaning of life.

His friends would tease him, “Why are you so glum?”

“I’m not glum. I just need to think. Go away!” The duck would respond.

One day the duck had enough of his friends teasing, so he flew off in search of peace and quiet.

The duck came upon an empty pond. Finally, a place to think. For days on end, the duck pondered the meaning of life, ignoring his surroundings.

“Ah-hah! I understand!” Shouted the duck.

Then a hunter came along and shot the duck. He and the meaning of life died.

The End

IMG_0515 (1)


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