Bedtime Stories with Cary #4

Once upon a time, there was a cough named Coughie. He loved to make people cough. He travelled from person to person, seeing the world one cough at a time.

One day, Coughie met up with a group of coughs who were hanging out in the bodies of a family. Coughie said “We need to take over the world.”

The other coughs asked, “How?”

“We make sure people cough all the time,” said Coughie.

The others agreed with a new sense of purpose. Coughie and the others kept people up all night and day, coughing and coughing. Soon, most people couldn’t sleep from the bad coughs. The people became angry, irritable, and short tempered.

Wars and fights broke out. Coughie loved it, until the sleeplessness lead to all out nuclear war. All people and animals died. Coughie had no where to go. He coughed his last breath and disappeared.

The End


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